Meet our certified Music Teachers.

Lyuda Levkova: Executive Director, Voice, Piano

Master’s degree in music, Over 35 years of professional instruction. Her students were winners of international competitions and two have been accepted to New York City Opera children’s chorus. Her success was formerly acknowledged by professor Takashi Yamazaki (Japan) and professor Gilburd (Russia)

Iryna Nesterivska: Violin, Piano

Master of music. Over 30 years of professional instruction. Her students are regular winners of musical competitions between the Ukranian communities of North America.

Halyna Zhukevych: Voice, Piano

Master of music. Over 30 years of professional instruction. Extensive teaching experience with children of all ages in a group and individual setting.

Inna Zavaliy: Piano, Voice

Master’s degree of Music. 15 years of private and professional instruction in piano and voice.

Olga Bakina: Piano

Master’s degree in music. Over 30 years of teaching piano. Her students routinely achieve the highest marks at the MEAs

Vishnu Halikere: Violin

Bachelor’s Degree in Music. 5 years of teaching experience. Pursuing Master’s Degree from Rutgers University and is currently performing with the Rutgers Symphony Orchestra.

Lina Grigoryans: Piano

Bachelor’s degree in music. Over 20 years experience. Her students are frequently selected to participate in grand recitals and regional competitions

Ilona Bogatkevych: Piano, Voice

Master’s degree in Music. Over 30 years of experience teaching Voice and Piano. Was a soloist for the National Orchestra of Radio and TV, Belarus. Her students performed in various international music festivals in Russia, Belarus and the United States

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Every student gets a chance to showcase their talent at our semi-annual recitals in December and June of each year. They get to perform their two best pieces in front of a live audience and receive a trophy and a certificate upon successful completion. It’s always a great time at our recitals where students and parents have a lot of fun.





Our Amazing Students

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